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Bring the next level 
of productivity to your workflow!

Wakanda Studio is the ultimate tool for working with the full Wakanda platform. Your existing tool set is welcome, but the tight integration and visual tools available in Wakanda Studio are in a class of their own. Available for Mac and Windows.

Everything at your fingertips!

Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool for developers, Wakanda Studio touches on every aspect of your development cycle. Enjoy an all-inclusive experience that can potentially replace dozens of other tools.

Visual model editor

You no longer need a seperate tool to develop and visualize your data model. Edit your live model with a responsive, complete editor and apply model based data rules in an intelligent GUI. (Coders: Don’t worry – you can create and edit your model in pure JavaScript, too!)

Drag-and-drop layouts

Build your layouts and views in code or utilize our handy GUI builder. You’ll get stunning layouts up and running in minutes instead of hours. Drag, drop and resize widgets onto the page, and deploy with ease.

Manage project resources

You have easy access to management of resources and files within your projects and solutions. Drag and drop between directories and to applicable interface elements and input elements.

Full code editor

Modify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript with one complete source code editor. You will enjoy additional productivity with features like code completion and included plug-ins for JSLint and more!

“For me, Wakanda is ready today to start even the most complex business apps.”Alexander Fuchs

Integrates with server

Start, stop and manage Wakanda Server from right inside Wakanda Studio. Adjust settings and preferences, with interfaces that are easy to understand.

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WakandaDB is an Open Source Model-driven NoSQL database engine with a comprehensive REST web interface. The database schema, server-side processing, and querying are all done in JavaScript.

Define a Data Model in JSON or JavaScript

model = new DataStoreCatalog(); var Person = model.addClass(“Person”, “People”); Person.addAttribute(“firstName”,”storage”,”string”); Person.addAttribute(“lastName” ,”storage”,”string”); Person.addAttribute(“name”, “calculated”, “string”); Person.name.onGet = function() { return this.firstName + ‘ ‘ + this.lastName; } Person.addAttribute(“company”, “relatedEntity”, “Company”, “Companies”);

via JSON

{ name: "Company", className: "Company", collectionName: "Companies", scope: "public", attributes:[ { name: "ID", autosequence: true, kind: "storage", primKey: true, scope: "public", type: "long", unique: true },{ name: "name", kind: "storage", scope: "public", type: "string" },{ kind: "relatedEntities", name: "employees", reversePath: true, path: "company", scope: "public", type: "Person" }] }

Examples of Integrating

Generic “Ajax”

Wakanda provides a universal Ajax driver able to provide a proxy of the model in any browser. It is composed of a “data provider” and a “data source“. The data provider is useful to provide data binding to any raw JavaScript application or to any existing Ajax Framework. The data source layer provides a “Publish/Subscribe” mechanism (aka Observer) for any element using them (widgets, other datasources, …) 

Ajax Query

var vcount; var myset = ds.Person.query("ID > 100 and ID < 300", { // we pass a function that receives the server response onSuccess: function(event) { vcount = event.entityCollection.length; // we retrieve the size of the entity collection $("#display").html("selection : "+vcount); // display the size of the entity collection in the container whose ID is "display" } });

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